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RevBayes is an open-source, GNU/Linux-compatible program. It can run only using the command line interface (CLI). To start working, you have to simply type the command rdb (for RevBayes). It can help you perform a Bayesian inference of phylogeny. It can compute Bayes' Factors for nested models and compare nested models directly using Friedman's R2 statistic. When running the program, you need to provide some parameters, like the names of the three input files, and the iterations. It can work well in all modern computers, regardless of their specifications.Speed and veri­ficationOn an idle computer, the performance of the program is quite acceptable. It manages to process up to 100000 pairs of DNA bases in less than 1 minute. Even under heavy stress, you can use the program at 600 pairs per second. RevBayes is covered by a 100% test, thus you can be sure that it is working properly.RevBayes can run on all modern computers. It is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is available for a number of programming languages, like Python, Perl, C, C++, Java, and JavaScript. To run the software, you need a recent version of Python, Perl or Java.QualityThe icon library of the program is designed by one expert and includes more than 1000 icons. You can add a new image, through a simple and intuitive interface. The main idea is to set the name, size, border and color of the icon.The version 1.0 of the icon set includes 156 icons which are ready for use directly after you have created your first file. The icons are high-quality (256x256), well-designed, and are included in a PNG file format that can be easily transferred between computer versions. You can save them to folders.Properties:• A well-crafted icon set, with a modern and smooth feeling• High-quality icons (256x256)• Portions of the icons are available in a transparent version• An add-in for Windows Explorer• Windows, MacOS and Linux versions• A number of programming languages, like Python, Perl and Java• A free trial for a trial version (permission is granted)• A free update for a permanent version• File extraction available• A 100% test (100% Free)• A 100% portable file (Over 08929e5ed8

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